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Everyone has the power to make a positive difference, however small, through their actions and choices. Business is no different.

Kung Fu Accounting exists to enable, enhance and enrich the lives of everyone we work with. Numbers obviously factor heavily in what we do, but when it comes to running our business we put humanity at the heart of every decision – it’s hardwired in;

Our logo is adapted from the Chinese character for human, and as a business we consider people, our community and our environment equally as important as the financials.

In the accounting industry deadlines and tax bills loom large, and humanity is often missing.

But for us it’s one of our founding principles. We don’t believe in B2B. We believe in human being to human being; in building powerful, mutually-beneficial relationships with everyone we work with – colleagues, acquaintances, family and friends.

We choose not to work on the traditional end of January “one-night stand” basis. To give our clients the best advice we need to get to know them and that cannot happen if we meet just once a year right before the filing deadline.

This attitude extends through our team out to our neighbours, our professional connections and our wider network, because business, like life, is more rewarding when you get to know people.

We invest a lot of time and energy doing this. People come first. Then accounting. In that order.

We do not work in isolation. Our neighbours, colleagues and friends form part of our community, and we actively seek opportunities to share our expertise to benefit the independent business owners in our circle.

But it’s not just about accounting. Donating time and/or money for causes which interest and excite us provides mental and spiritual nourishment and is vital to our health and happiness. We set aside time specifically for these activities. It’s about humanity and compassion, which are sadly often lacking in business.

Bank statements, invoices, accounts and tax returns. Paper, paper, paper. Paperwork and accountancy go hand-in- hand, and it’s hard to avoid thick bundles of printed material when you work in this industry.

Hard, but not impossible…

We’re striving towards paper-free ways of working. We use the best available technology to communicate electronically with our clients and we don’t print anything unless it’s absolutely the only option.

When we do have to print anything, usually only for HMRC and Companies House, we use recycled paper and low-ink printing to reduce the environmental impact.

We recycle, and we use recycled and natural, ethically-sourced products wherever possible.

Our actions influence our immediate circle, and we hope they will spread like ripples in a pond.

So what?
We believe business should be conducted as if people and place mattered, and through our actions we aspire to do no harm, and work to benefit the world.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Kung Fu Accounting is the first UK-based accountancy business to join the B Corporation movement. We haven’t been trading long enough so we’re “pending” at the moment, but full membership of the movement will come next year.

Find out more at www.bcorporation.net

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