Best For The World 2019

B Corp Governance

KFA’s governance is Best for the World! August 2019 was a great month for Kung Fu Accounting. It marked the end of our third year in business and our first year as a full B Corporation. We achieved a number of significant milestones throughout the year and we’re excited to report that we’ve matched or […]

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital

Are you VAT registered? Do you use HMRC’s gateway to submit your VAT returns? If yes, do you know about “Making Tax Digital”? The next entry in our “Ten Things” series addresses the key issues arising from HMRC’s plan to “transform tax…

2017/18 Impact Statement

KFA Impact Statement

August 2018 marked our latest financial year end, and if you’ve worked with us over the last couple of years you won’t be surprised to know that our accounts and returns were finalised and submitted less than a month after year end (giving plenty of time to plan for the inevitable tax bill!). But we […]

Don’t leave it until the last minute – part two!

Tax Deadlines 2018

Last October we wrote this blog and it’s such an important message that it deserves repeating. There are a number of benefits to completing your tax return early. We’ve highlighted a few to help guide you.

How to change accountants

How To Change Accountants

“I’m not sure how to change accountants – what do I need to do?” – That’s a great question and one we get asked all the time. It can be a scary prospect because of the complex nature of accounts and tax returns, but in reality switching accountants should only take one email to get the ball rolling.

Get paid more quickly


Here’s another real-life example of what happened when a business decided to implement the Kung Fu Accounting method, this time to improve their sales invoicing processes. Background This client has been working with us since January and has fully embraced the KFA way! They’ve automated much of the sales invoicing part of their business and […]

Do you want more time?


**Case Study Alert** Why apply Kung Fu Accounting to your business? Here’s a real-life example of what happened when one of our clients did exactly that. Hint – the picture is a clue! Background Doing the books used to take our client at least two days every month. It was a job no-one looked forward […]

There isn’t enough time for bookkeeping


We hear that a lot. You’re busy. You’re trying to run a business and the last thing you want is to waste time dealing with admin. Quite right too; neither do we. However, without accurate and up to date bookkeeping data you won’t be able to make informed, powerful business decisions. You’ll be reacting to […]

Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Tax 2017

The personal tax return deadline is 31 January. That’s over three months away, so nothing to worry about just yet. Or is it? If you don’t know what information you need for your tax return how will you know where to find it? You might have to ask for copy documents and you could end […]

Kung Fu Accounting – a force for good

B Corp business

Everyone has the power to make a positive difference, however small, through their actions and choices. Business is no different. Kung Fu Accounting exists to enable, enhance and enrich the lives of everyone we work with. Numbers obviously factor heavily in what we do, but when it comes to running our business we put humanity […]