The Rise of the Machines

We all know machines can perform repetitive tasks consistently, efficiently and accurately, and intelligent software is finding its way into every part of our lives – phones which can track your movements, fridges that tell you when to order more milk, websites which suggest content you might like to view…

Most of us willingly accept technology in certain areas of our lives, so why not embrace it in your business life too?

When you’re spending many hours or even days each month managing the paperwork using a labour-intensive bookkeeping system, or worse writing everything down in a ledger book by hand, you won’t be able to devote time to driving the business forward. Doing the books that way is a distraction from those far more rewarding and exciting tasks that you love to do. The unintended result is that it ends up costing you money when you could be making it!

But there is another way…


When you work with Kung Fu Accounting you get the best available technology to automate those important but time-consuming tasks, saving you time and effort and giving you accurate, reliable, and up to date information about your business. We manage the transition completely, show you how to use the new systems and, what’s more, we include all this as part of our standard service!

We’ve helped countless business owners streamline their bookkeeping, installing the right systems and giving much-needed discipline to the whole process. And our experience has shown that reliable data coupled with our accounting expertise leads to strong financial information on which to make valuable decisions that lead to a more successful business.

To be clear, it’s not about letting the machines take over! It’s about exploiting what they can offer – the ability to process your paperwork consistently, accurately, with less effort, and without getting bored!
After all, Kung Fu is all about efficiently selecting the best option given the circumstances; which in this case means automation!

You deserve clear, accurate, and reliable financial information, so contact us now to learn how easily we can make this happen – email or get in touch – and embrace the rise of the machines!