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Jessica Ferrow

Jessica Ferrow, co-founder, Twelve
Review via: Email

I’m so glad we met Scott. I mean, how many accountants do you know that call themselves ‘Chief Climate Activist/Chartered Accountant’ in their email signature and teach kung fu in their spare time?

As a small business we’re always looking to work with genuine human beings who share our values and we’ve definitely found that in Scott. All our work is about helping our clients to take climate action and become B Corp certified, so the fact Scott truly cares about sustainability and ethics and was the first B Corp certified accountant in the UK is a massive win in our book.

He’s helped us get on top of our finances, sorted out our payroll for our first hires and he somehow makes discussions about tax enjoyable, which let’s face it, is a tough gig.

I’m not sure how we could do what we’re doing without Scott – as far as we’re concerned he’s the best accountant in the world!


Trainspotters, like many businesses, used to outsource their bookkeeping and VAT reporting, as well as the PAYE and year end accounts. Their accountant used an old-fashioned desktop accounting system which the guys didn’t have access to. As a result they felt divorced from the figures. Almost as if the numbers were separate from the business.

In addition to introducing new systems and processes which have revolutionised the way they manage their accounts, we’ve enhanced the business by sharing our financial expertise, our Kung Fu, helping on their journey to their future goals. Jesse and Andy share their experience of #theKFAway here.

Ryan Corbyn

DUO Visual Media
Review via: Facebook

Kung Fu Accounting has been the kick our ‘slow startup’ design business needed to leap from a lifestyle/hobby business to a dynamic set of services. We are proud to say the relationship with Kung Fu Accounting is bringing us clarity and measurable success from clear advice and expertise. Thank you for your continued support.


The two founders of SpaceHoppers, a flexible co-working hub in Stroud, came to Kung Fu Accounting when they needed to complete their first year end submissions. It quickly became apparent that the bookkeeping wasn’t quite up to speed, and nor was it a task they cherished! We resolved both issues painlessly.

But over and above bookkeeping and year end compliance, there are so many other ways an accountant could and should be supporting the businesses they work with. It’s what we call #theKFAway. Here’s what Vix and Alice had to say about their experiences of working with us.

Robin Waite

Business coach
Review via: Facebook

I love Scott’s philosophies around KF Accounting and his approach to helping with my accounts has been professional and incredibly helpful. No jargon. Pro-active. I couldn’t recommend Scott highly enough.

Joanna Fallon

The Cotswold Chalkboard
Review via: Facebook

KFA have been fantastic in helping me transition from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company, and helping to get my accounts in order in the process. Not being a natural numbers person myself, Scott explains everything very clearly (and patiently!) without ever being condescending, and is an absolute asset to my design business with his knowledge and approachability – I’m delighted to recommend his services.