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Are you up to date with your compliance?

You are;

Passionate about the impact of your CIC

Making the world a better place

Worried that the books aren’t up to scratch

Muddling through the year end process

You are not;

A Chartered accountant

Able to spend time learning how and why

Interested in the process, just the end result

How we can help;

Year end compliance

Bookkeeping optimisation

Financial reporting

From just £50 per month

Year end compliance;

Sign off your books at the year end

Prepare year end accounts and returns

Review and check your CIC34 report

Submit to the relevant authorities on time

Bookkeeping optimisation;

Review current systems and processes

Find and fix errors

Optimise and automate

Outsourced bookkeeping solution

Financial reporting;

Produce bespoke templates for you

Verify and validate your financials

Prepare relevant financial analysis

Present your finances to the board

Free initial assessment

Our company - kung fu accounting;

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KFA Limited, registered in England and Wales #10330176.
Regulated by the ICAEW #C004819494.

The UK’s only B Corp accounting company!

Formed in 2016, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The team;


Founder and thinker of thoughts


Green Queen


Head of bookkeeping


Chief world changer


IT expert

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