What’s in a name?

Kung Fu Accounting is not just a quirky name – there is a deeper meaning to discover.

Kung Fu; The popular meaning has a martial arts aspect, but the literal translation is;

Kung Fu translation

The concert violinist will have kung fu, as will a master bricklayer – in fact anyone who is at the top of their game will have achieved a state of mastery akin to kung fu, where the things they do are made to look easy.

What’s your kung fu? 

Accounting; hopefully not too unusual a concept – numbers, adding things up, tax, VAT and payroll. But there is so much more; advice on bookkeeping, help with business plans, support for investment decisions, and strategic planning to name a few.

Our Kung Fu is in Accounting, and was borne out of years of diligent study, training and experience working with independent businesses to resolve their accounting issues.

Why not find out how to apply Kung Fu Accounting to your business?