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Bank is a four letter word

We have the power to change the world, and it’s really easy. Don’t believe me? Read on… First, let’s talk about your money. Every time

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BCorp force for good

Business as a force for good

Kung Fu Accounting was the world’s first ICAEW Chartered, BCorp certified accountant. We’ve edited our articles of association and signed the BCorp Declaration of Interdependence

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KFA are Carbon neutral

KFA are Carbon Neutral

KFA are (and have always been!) Carbon Neutral At the beginning of 2020, our resident environmental expert Kathryn was given the unenviable task of assessing

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Community Impact Award Winners

Community Impact Award

A couple of weeks ago, at the annual Xero Awards (think Oscars for accountants!) Kung Fu Accounting won the first ever “community impact award” for

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B Corp Governance

Best For The World 2019

KFA’s governance is Best for the World! August 2019 was a great month for Kung Fu Accounting. It marked the end of our third year

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