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Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital

Are you VAT registered? Do you use HMRC’s gateway to submit your VAT returns? If yes, do you know about “Making Tax Digital”? The next entry in our “Ten Things” series addresses the key issues arising from HMRC’s plan to “transform tax…

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KFA Impact Statement

2017/18 Impact Statement

August 2018 marked our latest financial year end, and if you’ve worked with us over the last couple of years you won’t be surprised to

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How To Change Accountants

How to change accountants

“I’m not sure how to change accountants – what do I need to do?” – That’s a great question and one we get asked all the time. It can be a scary prospect because of the complex nature of accounts and tax returns, but in reality switching accountants should only take one email to get the ball rolling.

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Get paid more quickly

Here’s another real-life example of what happened when a business decided to implement the Kung Fu Accounting method, this time to improve their sales invoicing

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Do you want more time?

**Case Study Alert** Why apply Kung Fu Accounting to your business? Here’s a real-life example of what happened when one of our clients did exactly

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