Traffic lights – a blog

Building a great finance function needs a quality relationship. Not a one-night stand. To keep our promises to keep you legal, to help you reduce your stress, and to make accounting enjoyable, we need to be working together as a team. That takes effort. GREAT RELATIONSHIPS NEED GOOD COMMUNICATION Whoever “they” are, they say that […]

Pricing is vital

Why pricing is the “one thing” to focus on this month. We are all in business to provide for ourselves and our families.For our team.To have an impact.To make our lives better.And maybe to change the world. And we do that in two ways: either with money or with time.   Cost of living crisis […]

Preparation, preparation, preparation; Five ways to make year end a dream

Two men in a meeting

These five things will make your year end accounting run as smoothly as possible. As we enter into a new tax year, here at KFA HQ our minds naturally turn to year end accounts – well, of course they do, we’re accountants after all! And we’ve been doing this for a while now, so we’ve […]

The deal with toilet paper

Who Gives a Crap toilet roll

By Sustainability Consultant Kathryn This is the first in a series of articles designed to help our business address our environmental impact. And we hope it’ll be useful for your business too. This study was prompted because the only paper we use at KFA HQ is loo roll – other than that we’re paperless! So […]

KFA join Business Declares

Business Declares logo

We believe it is everyone’s duty to fight for a habitable future on our planet, and business is no exception. So we are simultaneously very proud, and incredibly frustrated, to announce that we’ve joined Business Declares, the network of businesses who acknowledge the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Proud, because we are among the first UK […]

Bank is a four letter word


We have the power to change the world, and it’s really easy. Don’t believe me? Read on… First, let’s talk about your money. Every time you pay your money into a bank, or keep your savings there, that balance becomes available for the banks to use as they see fit. Fair enough right? After all, […]

999 – what’s your emergency?


There is no such thing as an accounting emergency. Let me say that again; THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ACCOUNTING EMERGENCY. “But, but… there is – my deadline is two days away” That comes up a lot in this industry. And our standard reply? HMRC’s reporting timetable doesn’t change much from one year […]

Business as a force for good

BCorp force for good

Kung Fu Accounting was the world’s first ICAEW Chartered, BCorp certified accountant. We’ve edited our articles of association and signed the BCorp Declaration of Interdependence to indicate our intent to make a positive impact in the world, acting for people and planet as well as profit. Transparency is a key part of the BCorp certification, […]

KFA are Carbon Neutral

KFA are Carbon neutral

KFA are (and have always been!) Carbon Neutral At the beginning of 2020, our resident environmental expert Kathryn was given the unenviable task of assessing our carbon footprint. For anyone who’s ever thought about this work, even as a small business it’s not straight-forward. It’s no mean feat, and the arrival of coronavirus definitely didn’t […]

Community Impact Award

Community Impact Award Winners

A couple of weeks ago, at the annual Xero Awards (think Oscars for accountants!) Kung Fu Accounting won the first ever “community impact award” for our efforts over the last year supporting our friends, clients, local community and people across the UK and the world! As the world’s only ICAEW Chartered, #bcorpuk certified accountant, we have always run our […]